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Laurent Batel’s Pulp Fiction food rendition.

Laurent Batel’s Pulp Fiction food rendition.

Wrestler Challenges Jiu Jitsu Instructor at 10th Planet. See what happens next.


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These few months have been truly inspirational, with our movement gaining ground globally, forming new communities in different corners and interesting opportunities unfolding. It is to say the least, extremely gratifying to know that despite staying pretty much under the radar and not dabble heavily in that PR game, we can still evolve and touch others simply by sticking to our guns - that music should be diverse and expressed in various forms.

To celebrate that diversity, we have put together a special compilation showcasing where our ideas are at right now. More importantly, it’s a chance to introduce our entire roster, which has grown exponentially with the likes of Moods, Sh?m, KA-YU, Jasper Staal and Kerem Akdag. Its slightly unfortunate that Giorgio Oehlers and Maxx Mortimer are unable to make it for this compilation due to certain domestic commitments, but we feel the works presented here strongly represent the ethos of DTW.

Also included in this comp are some up and comers whom we felt deserve a chance to be given the spotlight and share their sounds with a greater audience. Make a point to listen to Versailles the Everything - she’s a really fresh singer / rapper out of Florida, US and has blown our ears and minds with everything that she’s doing.

So we will leave it as that, and hope this collection inspires and moves you, as much as it does for us. For our regular listeners, it will occupy another essential spot in your DTW collection. For our new listeners, welcome to the DTW universe - it is only just expanding. :)

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Artwork by the Funk Bast*rd
Compiled / curated by the Funk Bast*rd
Photo for Artwork : John Sideo T



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On this episode, we chat about how the NBA’s physicality has changed. We debate if the current players are softer than their predecessors and cover the NBA fight history.

It’s era, race and morals when its comes to physical reaction. We chat about the 3rd world perspective of Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice second video reaction and close with Kobe Bryant and his playing minutes.

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